Reynard Mills Housing Development Rejected

Latest application for hi- rise estate on W5/TW8 border thrown out

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Hounslow Council has rejected the latest plans for a large housing development on the Ealing/ Brentford border.

The second set of proposals by property developers, Invista Real Estate, were to transform the current Reynard Mills Trading Estate on Windmill Road into an estate containing 275 flats in several high rise blocks.

There have been major concerns that the development was far too large and out of character with the area and the huge influx of new residents would lead to more traffic problems on both Windmill Road and local side streets.

This was Invista's second application and the company had made changes from their earlier submission, but campaigners said they had 'tweaked around the edges' and they weren't significant enough.

Residents from both Ealing and Brentford set up a campaign group, Windmill Road Action Group (WRAG), and inundated local Councillors with hundreds of emails expressing their concerns.

On Tuesday (17th April) campaigners heard the news they had hoped for, Hounslow Council officials had rejected the plans.

They said the application would not improve the character and quality of the area.

According to their rejection document (pdf) the density and size of the development would be harmful to the outlook and character of the area.

It also said the housing structure would put undue strain on local education and health facilities.


18th April 2012