Council Agree Road and Path Repairs

Resurfacing costs to rise to £5.5 million

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Roads and pavements in parts of Ealing should see some improvements after the council agreed to spend £5.5million.

An independent survey of all the roads and footpaths in the borough is carried out every year.

Surveyors walk the entire length of the road network looking for defects such as potholes, cracking, wheel-track rutting and other signs of deterioration and damage.

Each road is given a condition rating on a scale of 1-100 - those with a low rating are considered to be in a good condition and those with a high rating are judged to be in a poor condition and are targeted for resurfacing.

The higher the rating, the sooner the works will take place.

The survey takes place every year, because some roads degrade at a faster rate than others. This year, £4,374,120 will be spent on renewing roads and £1,125,880 on footways.

The full list of roads and footways scheduled for improvement in 2013/14 can be viewed here (pdf) and here(pdf)

The council tries to co-ordinate its resurfacing works with utilities companies, but where there is a clash with major works, resurfacing works will be postponed until the first subsequent opportunity.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: ''I am very pleased to announce this increase in investment. Ealing has 322 miles of roads and 628 miles of footpaths and, once again, we are prioritising those that are in the most urgent need of repair. By resurfacing roads, rather than patching them up, we are saving the council money in the long term, so although this is a sizeable investment, it is a sensible one.''”

The decision was made by the council’s cabinet on Tuesday, 19 February. All cabinet decisions are subject to call-in for a period of five working days from the date of publication of the minutes of the meeting.


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25th February 2013