Spruce Up Your Lawn

And you might just swing that sale

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It can be frustrating when you have a viewing on your property all lined up only to have the potential buyers or tenants call and request to cancel the viewing after having driven past the property.

Even if the interior of your property is top notch, a front garden with a patchy lawn can really affect a first impression that can be difficult to shake. So it pays to keep the garden and the front of the house looking tidy and smart.

The period from March to April is the prime time to give your lawn the preparation it needs to be lush and gorgeous through spring and continuing all through the summer. So set aside some time at the weekend to treat your lawn to a touch up.

Here's how to give your lawn some TLC:

1. The Problem: Patchy Lawn

Solution: The winter months can leave your lawn looking a bit patchy. Revive the grass by starting the spring by overseeding these areas. Rake the areas first to scarify it (see number 5) and then sprinkle around 10g of seed per square metre. Water if necessary and after seven days you should see some growth.

2. Problem: Unkempt

Solution 1: Time to get the lawn mower out. Start the spring with the blades on a high setting and lower them as the spring months go on – this means that by summer you will be mowing weekly on a low setting.

Solution 2: Trim the edges of your lawn to neaten them up. You can do this using a half-moon cutter or spade and a block of wood, pressing the cutter between the wood and the grass edge.

3.  Problem:  Moss

Solution 1:  Sprinkle the lawn with special moss sand.  Although it may seem strange, if you find that you have patches of moss growing on your lawn, sprinkle them with lawn sand and wait for those areas to turn black.  Once the colour has blackened you can rake those areas away. This prevents damage to your lawn by killing the moss first and making it easier to remove.

Solution 2: Between March and April you should feed your lawn using either a chemical or natural feed purchased at a garden centre and this will also help to prevent moss growth.  Feeding your lawn will also make the grass look lush and vital.

4.  Problem:  Standing Water

Solution:  Aerate the grass using a rake, or a lawn aerator to prick the surface of the lawn to let the lawn breathe, and absorb water.

5.  Problem:  Lacklustre Growth

Solution: Scarifying your lawn.  If you don't have green thumbs you might wonder what this means.  In late April/May it is important to scarify your lawn to remove dead grass, moss and so forth. This means that as the grass begins to grow again it will be less prone to disease.  Scarification is carried out with hand tools such as a Spring Bok Hand Rake or, for larger areas, purpose built machinery called a Scarifier. 

You can even hire gardeners to do this for you.  Click here to read more about scarifying your lawn.

With the extended bank holiday period coming up this month, you may want to set aside some time to care for your lawn - it might just help you get more and higher offers. 

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Article courtesy of Northfields Estates

12th April 2011