Don't Get Caught Out With Parking Permit Changes

No longer available for purchase on the same day

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From Monday 4th February parking permits and visitor vouchers will no longer be issued on the same day by customer service staff in Ealing.

The council want more people to apply online to help cut the queues at Perceval House.

They say customers using this method will be able to park in their zone from 9am the next day without the need to display a paper permit.

The permission to park will be ‘live’ on the council’s database from this time and the paper permit will be posted within five working days

The Council say those without access to a computer at home can use one of the computers in the borough’s local libraries or in the customer services centre at Perceval House reception where a member of staff will be available to guide customers through the online process.

Applications can also be made by post or in person at Perceval House, but these methods will take up to 10 working days to process.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “We want to encourage the growing numbers of people with internet access to apply or renew their permits from the convenience of their home. This will cut the queues at Perceval House and, ultimately, save money for council tax payers.

“For those that don’t have internet access, you can still apply by post or in person. What is important is that residents renew their permit in good time so their new permit arrives before the old one expires.”

“Our Pay By Phone system now also means that residents who live in CPZs don’t have to apply for a visitor’s voucher again as they can make a simple phone call to pay for their visitor to park immediately, once they have registered. Paper vouchers are still available for those who prefer them, but residents should apply in plenty of time”

Residents can pay for their permit quarterly if signed up to pay by direct debit.

Permits paid for by direct debit will take longer to process, so customers should allow longer for their applications to be approved.

The Council say the most convenient way to pay for visitor parking is by using the ' Visitor Park By Phone' service.

Residents have to register for the Visitor Park by Phone beforehand. To register, residents must send their full name, address, postcode and telephone number to or call 020 8825 6677.

For more information on the changes, go to or call 020 8825 6677.


January 22, 2013