Night Parking Patrols To Be Phased Out

and a dedicated parking enforcement line to be set up

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Ealing Council is planning to scale back night time parking enforcement patrols across the borough.

Under the plans regular night time patrols from 11pm to 7am would be phased out, but the council would still ensure parking attendants were on duty late at night for special events that are likely to create parking problems.

A dedicated parking enforcement line is also being set up to help residents whose roads are blighted by people parking inconsiderately. During the day the line will go straight through to the borough’s parking attendants who can be called out to deal with issues such as people parking over driveways or in dangerous locations.

Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, said: “Night time parking enforcement causes more complaints than solves problems. It’s an issue people feel passionately about and I want to refocus the service so that we concentrate on the things that really bother people, such as drivers parking inconsiderately or dangerously during the day, causing hazards and congestion for other road users.”

The council has notified its contractor, NSL, and it is expected the changes will take effect from November. After the changes are introduced the situation will be carefully monitored.

July 14, 2010