Yes - It's Really in Ealing!

North Korean embassy is semi- detached surburban house

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As tension hots up in North Korea all eyes once again turn to a quiet suburban road in W5 - the surprising home of the North Korean embassy.

Many are amazed that it's situated here - most embassies are located within the central belt of Kensington and Knightsbridge.

It seems North Korea likes to do things differently however and opted to send its ambassadors to the seven-bedroom property, in the 'Queen of Suburbs'. Exactly why remains a mystery.

The large semi-detached house has had plenty of attention recently, and press photographers were quick to spot a removal van, fuelling speculaton in the DailyMail that the ambassador was being pulled out.

However,The Guardian say it wasn't quite as dramatic - merely a new secretary taking up residence.

So, why is the North Korean embassy situated at the junction of Baronsmede and Gunnersbury Avenue in Ealing?

Is it the park? There are riding stables and tennis courts close-by, perhaps the staff are quite sporty? Or maybe it's the transport links - Heathrow is (relatively) easy to get to if you're needing a swift exit.

Apparently this house was only supposed to be a temporary set-up but it would appear they liked 'leafy' Ealing so much they decided to stay. Have a read of this BBC feature (from 2003)

It may have once been fairly anonymous but over the next days and weeks the house will no doubt have the eyes of the world on it.


April 10th 2012