Altogether - How Much?

Claims that new Ealing Council publication is waste of public money

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A glossy brochure extoling the virtues of each of the different areas of Ealing will be dropping through your letter box soon

Entitled 'Altogether better' it's being distributed by Ealing Council to residents and has reportedly cost £40K.

The Council already produce a quarterly magazine 'Around Ealing'. This latest publication is additional and comes with its very own website.

Conservative Councillor Phil Taylor says it cost £40K which he describes as a 'total waste of money'.

The Conservative Group Leader David Millican is equally appalled and says: "This glossy magazine is a complete waste of public money. The politically motivated leading article starts by saying that "times are tough" and talks about "value for money" yet fails to mention how many thousands of pounds this publication is costing. Dreadful!"

Residents who have received the brochure in Acton are none too impressed.

On the Acton W3 forum Peter Millman says: '' This irritating little magazine is just Stalinist propaganda for the incompetent Labour administration currently "running" LBE. It highlights all the wonderful projects they have been spending our money on.

''They've even created a website for their poor benighted electorate to share their own experiences of the Council's utter wonderfulness:

''Suggest a mass uploading of pictures of fly-tipping, graffiti, derelict shops and uncollected rubbish would be the appropriate response.''

An Ealing Council spokesperson says: ''The magazines are part of the long-running 'Ealing - Altogether Better' campaign which seeks to build pride in the community and was launched in 2008. Four area focussed magazines have been delivered to all homes in the borough.''


Have you received your copy? What do you think?

28th September 2012