Letter Fraud Warning

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Residents are warned to be on their guard against a fraudulent letter claiming to be searching for the relatives of people who have died.

The warning comes after several people reported that they were contacted by someone claiming to be the accounts manager of a relative or partner who has deceased. The letter states that there is a large sum of money remaining in the person’s account and for the letter recipient to claim it.

People are cautioned to look out for messages that come from anyone who does not seem legitimate.

Council leader, Councillor Julian Bell, said: “It can be very distressing for people to receive fraudulent letters, emails or phone calls, especially when a loved one who has passed away is involved. It is absolutely disgraceful that fraudsters play on people’s vulnerability like this.

“Residents should always be very careful to never give out personal details or bank or credit card information. I advise those people who are unsure or nervous about unsolicited contact to not reply or to hang up the phone, and then report the matter.”

Residents who believe they have been contacted by a fraudster should call the council’s fraud hotline on 0800 328 6453 (freecall).

The line is open 24-hours a day and information can be left anonymously. Alternatively, people can report fraud by emailing fraudreferrals@ealing.gov.uk


28th November 2012