Greenford Road One of Worst For Driving Fines

Figures show nearly 8,000 tickets issued last year

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A busy road in Ealing is one of the worst in the UK for penalty charge notices according to figures obtained by a national newspaper.

In 2012-213 Ealing Council issued 7,982 tickets and made £407,125 from drivers on Greenford Road.

As previously reported most of the tickets are given out for stopping on the Greenford Road/Otter Road yellow box junction, driving in the bus lanes and stopping on loading bays and the taxi rank.

It's the fourth worst road in the UK according to the Mirror report - with Chiswick High Road topping the list.

According to the figures uncovered under the Freedom of Information Act, drivers in the UK were hit with nearly eight million tickets last year — one every four seconds, giving an income of £270 million for councils.

The newspaper report, (July 13) revealed that most of the worst roads for tickets in 2012-2013 were in Greater London, with council bosses blaming the Olympics for making parking even harder.

The offending roads according to the report were as follows:

1. Hounslow Council - Chiswick High Road - 13,132 tickets issued - £634,704 in fines

2. Haringey Council - High Road, N17 - 15,727 tickets - £632,953

3. Croydon Council - Cherry Orchard Road - 6,430 tickets - £410,941

4. Ealing Council - Greenford Road - 7,982 tickets - £407,125

5. Waltham Forest Council - Hoe Street - 7,246 tickets - £376,076

6. Westminster City Council - Great Marlborough St - 6,021 tickets - £358,775


A spokesperson for Ealing Council said:

"Our priority is to keep traffic moving and keeping bus lanes and yellow box junctions clear during operating hours reduces congestion.

"We do warn motorists who drive or park irresponsibly that they may face a fine. Any surplus money generated from PCNs can only be used for specific activities such as paying for Freedom Passes for the over 60s and on improvements to roads and pavements."


15th July 2013