Whizz! Bang! Fireworks Warnings

Ealing Council outlines some rules

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As the fireworks season prepares to launch, Ealing Council says anyone disturbed by noise outside of the allowed times during Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire Night, can call the noise nuisance team on 020 8825 8111.

Residents are being reminded that it is an offence to use fireworks between the hours of 11pm and 7am except on the following days:
• Diwali (Thursday, 23 October) Residents will be allowed to light fireworks until 1am
• Bonfire Night (Wednesday, 5 November) Permission is granted until midnight
• Exceptions have also been made for Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve when fireworks can also be set off until 1am.

Anyone wishing to report people throwing or setting off fireworks in a public place or council owned park or open space can call the noise nuisance team on 020 8825 8111. In an emergency call 999.

Councillor Ranjit Dheer, cabinet member for community services and safety, said:

“The next few weeks are a great time for celebration and enjoyment for many residents, our aim is to make sure that happens safely. Our officers will be taking action against anyone caught breaking the law, but residents have a role to play too; they must stick to the curfew and be considerate to their neighbours. Any form of anti-social behaviour will just not be tolerated


More information about fireworks and the law is available at https://www.gov.uk/fireworks-the-law


22nd October 2014