Jon Ball Launches Election Campaign

Liberal Democrat standing for Ealing Central and Acton seat

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The campaign for Ealing Central & Acton has really hotted up this month. Most of my time is spent knocking on doors with my Liberal Democrat colleagues and speaking with local residents about what their key issues are in this election.

People most often mention the economy, the NHS and the shortage of housing. Regarding the economy, I tell them about Liberal Democrat policies to finish the job of balancing the books but do it fairly.

On health we will invest another £8bn a year in the NHS by 2020, which means over £50m for the Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group to spend on healthcare locally. Lib Dems will create 300,000 new homes a year nationally including a great deal more affordable housing and introduce schemes to help young people with rent deposits and a new 'Rent to Buy' indicative.

This constituency was a rare three way marginal in 2010, and this continues to be the case, with roughly a third of residents I speak to intending to vote for each party, but many still to reach a decision.

I've attended four hustings meetings so far, covering topics as diverse as Palestine, cycling and issues raised by our BME communities. At the churches hustings, the only one so far attended by the Conservative incumbent, a question on Climate Change revealed one of the key differences between the parties that make up the current coalition.

Angie Bray said, "the science keeps changing" whereas I responded by making clear that the science isn't changing - climate change is real and man-made - which is why Liberal Democrat policies to move towards a zero carbon Britain are necessary.

On Wednesday, I attended the Liberal Democrats national manifesto launch. Nick Clegg pointed out that the Liberal Democrats are able to give a Conservative government a heart and give a Labour government a head. I was delighted to read in black and white in the manifesto that the Liberal Democrat commitment to oppose any expansion of Heathrow remains absolute, in contrast to the Conservative manifesto, which ditched their opposition.

Jon Ball

Nominations for Ealing Central and Acton Seat

Jon BALL - Lib Dems

Angie BRAY - Conservatives

Scott DORE - Workers Revolutionary Party

Peter FLORENCE - UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Rupa HUQ - Labour

Jonatha NOTLEY - Independent

Tammy RENDLE - The Above and Beyond Party

Andrzej RYGIELSKI - Europeans Party

Tom SHARMAN - The Green party

The election takes place on Thursday 7 May 2015 between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm


16th April 2015