Someone's Finally Turning The Lights Out

Ealing Council's getting a new control system!

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Perceval House glowing brightly at night, and

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Lights that have been left on all night at council offices in Ealing will finally be turned off.

In the past Ealing Today has been contacted by residents angry about electricity being wasted in Perceval House.

Now three buildings are undergoing major energy efficiency upgrades as part of an agreement between energy company E.ON and Ealing Council.

The improvements to Ealing Town Hall, Perceval House and Greenford Hall, will see E.ON guarantee energy consumption savings of 29 per cent for the council.

The installation of the new lighting control system at Perceval House will include motion sensors to control lights, daylight dimming and timing controls. Lights which may previously have been left on throughout the night, and visible from the street, will now be automatically switched off when the building is not in use.

These measures are expected to deliver carbon savings of 1,122 tonnes which translates to financial savings of £192,592 per year across all three buildings, based on current pricing levels.2

Richard Scott, Head of Energy Efficiency, E.ON Connecting Energies, said: “We are working with councils up and down the country to help them invest in the latest energy efficient technology; cutting energy bills and carbon emissions.''

Councillor Yvonne Johnson, Ealing Council’s cabinet member for finance and performance, said: “We have a commitment not only to improve Ealing’s carbon footprint, but to set an example to our residents that we care about securing a more sustainable future for our buildings and city.

“Working with E.ON as part of Ealing’s sustainability commitment has saved us time and money, whilst guaranteeing the level of energy savings within a fixed budget.”




18th June 2013