Ealing Riot Killer Detained For Eight Years

Teenager 'sincerely regrets' actions which led to death of Richard Mannington Bowes

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17-year-old Darrell Desuze has been detained for eight years for the killing of Richard Mannington Bowes in Ealing during last summer's riots.

Desuze, of Bath Road, Hounslow, pleaded guilty at Inner London Crown Court last month to the manslaughter of the 68-year old pensioner.

The teenager had previously pleaded guilty on 24 November 2011 to four burglaries committed at William Hill, Tesco Express, Blockbuster and Fatboys Thai restaurant which were looted immediately after Mr Bowes death.

The judge said Desuze "played a full part in the violence" and could be seen on CCTV smashing windows, looting shops, throwing missiles at police and wheeling rubbish bins into the street so they could be set on fire.

Mr Bowes, 68, was punched and fell to the ground as he tried to stamp out a fire in Springbridge Road in Ealing, on 8 August.

He suffered brain damage when his head hit the pavement.

Desuze's mother Lavinia Desuze, 31, was jailed for 18 months at the same court for perverting the course of justice. She had destroyed the clothing worn by her son.

Mr Bowes, estranged sister Anne Wilderspin, said in a victim impact statement which was read out in court, that she was "completely devastated to have found and lost her brother again in the same day".

"I feel compassionate for the youngster who was only 16 when he committed this crime which has potentially ruined his life," she added.

Piers Von Berg, for the defence, told the court Desuze "sincerely regrets and has remorse for all his actions, in particular his actions that led to the death of Mr Bowes".

But judge Mr Justice Saunders, disputed the defence's claim that he struck Mr Bowes with no more than moderate force.

He said: ''The death of Mr Bowes was pointless and unnecessary and it became for the public one of the most, if not the most, shocking event of the riots in London," he said.''

The court heard the defendant's mother, Lavinia Desuze, made a "very crude attempt indeed to interfere with the course of justice".

"This was a very significant fall from her moral character", the jury heard.

Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Rowell, Borough Commander at Ealing, said:

"Whilst today's sentencing has concluded the investigation into the killing of an innocent man last summer's violence in Ealing, we continue to investigate and pursue those involved in the disorder.

''We have already examined hundreds of hours of CCTV and continue to do so, this will inevitably lead to further arrests in the near future.

"Mr Mannington-Bowes was an innocent man trying to do the decent and honest thing of protecting life and property; tragically he lost his life whilst doing so"

Ealing Council Leader, Cllr Julian Bell said: “Mr Mannington Bowes died after being attacked while trying to protect the town and community he cared about. 

''He showed values that we should all admire and our town is poorer for his loss.

''I hope his loved ones can find some solace now his killer has been jailed. 

''I’d like to thank the brave passer-by and police officers who tried to help Mr Mannington Bowes on the night of the riot and all those who worked tirelessly to bring his killer to justice."


17th April 2012