BusTag Releases CCTV Stills to Identify Criminals

Can you help to find these offenders?

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BusTag would like to hear anonymously on the following telephone numbers from anyone who can help with their enquiries:

Operation BusTag Tel: (020) 7027-8950

Crimestoppers Tel: 0800 555 111

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BusTag’s latest circulation of a large number of suspects is a concerted effort to identify those involved in bus criminal damage. This supports the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London commitment to reducing crime and antisocial behaviour.

All CCTV stills from incident footage are circulated initially within the Police network before passing on to the public sector for identification.

BusTag officers are highly skilled and effective in CCTV identification and work alongside colleagues with local knowledge such as Safer Transport Teams, Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Safer Schools to track down those responsible.

Look at the CCTV images below. If you can help to identify any of these offenders, see box right.

CCTV Photo Crime committed and location suspect boarded/alighted bus
Bus Tagger Boarded in Acton Driver assault Route 266. Boarded 13:05 Acton High Street on February 10th
Tagger boarded Old Oak Common Lane Suspected of having graffitied a bus on Route 95.

Boarded 17:31 at Old Oak Common Lane on September 26th last year
Bus Tagger boarded in Acton Suspected of having graffitied a bus on Route 120.

Boarded at Ruislip Road, Greenford; Alighted 16:32 Lady Margaret Road on December 12th last year
Bus Tagger - Ealing Suspected of having smashed door glass on bus - Route 120.

Suspect boarded at Haven Green, W5 on September 22nd last year.
Bus Tag Offender Suspected of having removed a window from a bus on Route E1.

Suspect boarded at 15:49 from Drayton Bridge Rd W. Ealing and got off the bus at 15:54 at Drayton Bridge Road, Hanwell. January 18th
BusTag Offender, Ealing Suspected of having smashed a bus window on Route E10. Boarded 19:43 at Islip Manor Rd Northolt. Alighted at 19:50 at Rowdell Rd Northolt July 7th last year

Since November 2004, BusTag has achieved more than 3000 arrests for bus criminal damage. Successful prosecution has resulted in offenders receiving fines, community service and imprisonment.

Chief Superintendent Joe Royle, Safer Transport Command said, “The Safer Transport Command is working with its partners to keep London moving safely. Our Operation BusTag is an effective tactic in confronting people who commit acts of bus criminal damage and anti-social behaviour.

“These people may think they have got away with it. They are wrong. We are determined that all offenders of bus criminal damage are brought to justice and we will leave no stone unturned in our endeavour to do so. However without successful identification there can be no arrests. By publishing the images in the local press there is an even stronger chance of identification through the local community to whom we are extremely grateful for any information received."

Steve Burton, Transport for London’s Director of Community Safety, Enforcement and Policing, said, “Graffiti and window etching are the sort of vandalism that creates an intimidating environment which our passengers should not have to put up with.

“With thousands of CCTV cameras on London’s 8,500 buses and the help of local websites such as this one, we are able to bring these vandals to justice so that Londoners can travel safely and do so in a clean and comfortable environment.”

March 4, 2010