Ealing Residents' Survey Row

Toriesand Labour don't agree over the results

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Conservative Councillors have accused Labour of viewing the result of the latest Ealing Residents Survey through rose-tinted glasses with their claims that 80% of residents believe the Council is doing a good job.

Cllr Jason Stacey, Leader of the Conservative Group said:

“12 of the 13 key indicators used nationally to judge how well a Council is performing have decreased and in some instances as much as 14% only after 6 months of a Labour Administration.

''These results indicate that residents are totally clued up on Labour’s actions, thus far. Be it their anti-motorist stealth increase in car parking charges and permit costs; their slash and burn plans for the Park Ranger Services and Ealing’s award winning parks; their contempt for consulting and listening to residents views, to the shocking treatment of the disabled and mental health users.

''Labour clearly needs to work to restore these damning figures at the very least to the levels achieved by the Conservative Administration as they are undoubtedly the most important measure of our success.''

Council Leader Julian Bell has responded to the criticism:

"The resident survey reflects the whole of 2010 during half of which the Conservatives were in charge. If Cllr Stacey truly believes the figures are "damning" then they just as damning to his administration as they are to ours.

''Overall satisfaction is within the margin of error of the previous two years' surveys. However respondents saying they are very satisfied with the council has more than trebled over the last year.

''It is galling that the Conservatives are linking the residents survey to budget cuts that their government is forcing upon us. I don't think this survey shows that residents are angry with the council about government cuts. I think it shows that people value and appreciate the services the council provides and gives us valuable insights into what we do well and where we need to improve."



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January 12th 2011