Virus Cost Half a Million

Disruption that brought down Council systems proves expensive

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A report into the virus that laid low the Council's computer systems has revealed that the total cost of the disruption totals over £500,000.

The malicious code was introduced into the system from a memory stick. In order to protect information, the Council’s website and computer system were shut down as a precautionary measure. It took nearly two weeks for the system to return to normal.

There was a direct cost of over £200,000 for recovery, elimination of the virus, staff overtime and rebuilding the Council's computer systems. Invoices and orders at Ealing Homes had to be checked leading to extra staff costs of £170,000.

Unissued parking tickets led to a lost of revenue of £90,000 and libraries lost £25,000 because they were unable to issue fines or charge for reservations.

Ealing Council say they have carried out a series of corporate debriefs to determine what action to take to stop the problem ever happening again.

August 28, 2009