Don't Get Conned By This Man

Police release photo of local fraudster

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Police say Anil Sangha is a 'prolific criminal', and

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Police say this man has been conning people out of money in the borough.

Anil Sangha has been knocking on doors, requesting money convincing people to hand over cash in the region of £25.

He has been targeting vulnerable people, often claiming a family emergency in which he needs to get a taxi or that he has locked himself out of the house and needs to pay a locksmith and once back in his property he will return the money to them.

Sangha doesn't return the money and moves on to the next address to target another victim. Police are actively seeking any information in regards to this prolific criminal.

Anil Sangha is subject to an anti-social behaviour order prohibiting him from calling at any residential premises, without the prior permission of the occupier or requesting money from the public. This order is in place till 1 November 2017.

If you have had any dealings with him or if he has attended your home, please contact the Ealing IOM Team on 07770702343 or send them an e-mail:

DS Russell Wren Ealing prolific offending team said: “We are concerned about the numbers of crimes that are being committed by this individual, despite intervention and support he continues to target elderly and vulnerable people, making benefit on the good nature of Ealing’s communities.”

23rd September 2013