Car Chase Through Borough

Several police cars and stinger device used

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A man's been arrested after police activated a 'stinger' device in a late night car chase through the borough which ended when the pursued vehicle crashed into a fence in Burnhan Way in W13.

Forum Member Andy Williams reported details of the incident on Monday: "Anyone know anything about a huge police chase through the borough on Monday night? At about 11.30pm on Acton High St 17 - yes SEVENTEEN - police cars were seen chasing a silver merc driving on at least one wheel-rim not very fast.''

Police have confirmed that at approx 23.25hrs, on Monday 31 January, a Mercedes C230 failed to stop on the east-bound section of the Bayswater Road.

They say marked police vehicles were used and sirens and blue lights in operation.

After the pursuit, the car collided with a garden fence on Burnham Way ,W13, at a low speed. Nobody was injured. The driver of the vehicle was arrested at the scene on suspicion on aggravated Taking and Driving Away (TDA). He currently remains in custody.

Officers from the Met's Traffic Unit attended the scene - the incident will be investigated by Borough officers.

2nd February 2011