Arson and Break-in at Boston Manor Park Cafe

Community rally to help clear up

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Thieves have broken into and set fire to a cafe run by volunteers in Boston Manor Park.

Just a week after the successful Brentford Festival - held in Blondin Park this year - organiser Linda Massey writes:

'' The fire brigade arrived at the Pavilion Cafe in Boston Manor Park at 5.15 a.m. Saturday morning (7th September).

''Thieves had broken into the building, stolen some wine left over from the Brentford Festival, a charity collection for the Brentford Toy Library of around £50 and other cash from the till and donation box.

'' The Friends of Boston Manor estimate that the loss was around £500 in total excluding the damage to the building.  Fire crews came from as far as Feltham to put out the flame and thankfully, their skill and speed put the fire out and therefore saved the building.  The male toilets where the fire was started is gutted along with damage to the roof.''

Linda Massey, arrived at the scene at 7.15 a.m - she says this is the first incident on the building in 10 years. 

''In true community spirit, once the police and fire brigade had carried out their forensic work local residents came out to help with the clean-up in the afternoon.  John Laing, land managers made the roof watertight and checked on the electrics.  Meanwhile, The Friends of Boston Manor were able to facilitate three children's parties to understanding parents.  Food boxes were created off site.  We won't dwell on these mean spirited individuals - our work must go on and we will be open to serve the Spartan Football teams who will be playing in the park on Sunday.''


8th September 2013