Ealing Broadway Station - Let's Fix It!

Save Ealing Centre urge everyone to sign petition

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Ealing Broadway Station - Not Fit For Purpose?

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Ealing Broadway - West London’s busiest transport hub and gateway to the Town Centre – has been unfit for its purpose for far too long.

· The entrance is too small and even dangerous

· There is no step-free access to the booking hall or the platforms

· The forecourt is cluttered, with no proper set down space

· Pedestrians have to cross a main road or push along narrow pavements

· Bus stops for the station are badly organised, congested or too far away.

Constant pleas for action have produced no visible results. Too many different bodies – Network Rail, First Great Western, London Underground, TfL, London Buses, and Ealing Council - are involved, so nobody will move. Improvements promised through rebuilding the station for Crossrail are now under threat. Cost cutting has significantly reduced them, and the completion date has been pushed back.

It is the passengers who use the station who pay the price and they have had enough.

Ealing Council needs to take the lead. Other Councils have joined with their local communities to negotiate with Crossrail for improvements. It’s time Ealing accepted its responsibility and spoke about the need to get something done vigorously!

The easiest way to sign the petition is on-line at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/lets-fix-ealing-broadway-station.html. The petition can also be downloaded from www.saveealingscentre.com and sent to us. The form has space for other family members or neighbours to sign as well.

Results and further information are available on the SEC website at www.saveealingscentre.com.



16th July 2011