Don't Give To Bogus Charities

You might be funding crime

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Be careful next time you donate to a 'charity' collection it might not be for charity at all.

The warning comes following an intiative launched by The Home Office and Metropolitan Police, urging greater vigilance in order to prevent bogus charity collections.

Police say fraudulent charity collections often result in monies going to criminal or extremist causes in the UK and abroad, as well as reducing the amount of money available for legitimate charities supporting worthwhile causes.

Neighbourhood police officers have been visiting premises across the borough to raise awareness and check for fake charity collections.

Organisations are being asked to take simple steps including, checking charity names, registration numbers and that collection boxes are sealed before accepting them on their premises.

They are also encouraged to look out for the Fundraising Standard Board (FRSB) tick logo and check that charity collectors have correct identification.

Ealing Councillor Ranjit Dheer, cabinet member for community services and safety, said: “It is extremely important for businesses and residents to understand the need for making precautionary checks about the identity and credentials of people approaching them for donations or asking to place charity collection boxes in their establishments.

“Knowing how any money collected will be spent, will ensure that donations can go to genuine causes and not towards criminal activities.

“If you have any concerns about a collection box on your premises, please withdraw it and if necessary contact your local neighbourhood Police team, or email Paul Smith, Ealing Partnership Manager, at


April 15th 2014