Ealing Mayor Supports Big Lunch

NSPCC raising funds for schools services

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Big Packed Lunch

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Ealing's Mayor is urging everyone to enjoy a big packed lunch today and donate to children's charity NSPCC.

It's part of their Big Packed Lunch campaign aimed at raising funds for the ChildLine schools service.

NSPCC research shows that, on average, two children in every primary school classroom have suffered abuse or neglect. However, whether it's through fear or lack of information, children are not seeking help or telling anyone what's happening until they are much older.
Since its launch the ChildLine Schools Service has carried out 20 school visits in the Ealing LEA area and spoken to 2,487 children, but with a total of 83 primary schools in the area, there is still a lot more to be done and more money is needed..

Mayor of Ealing Councillor Tej Ram Bagha said: “Have a Big Packed Lunch on Wednesday 17 September and donate your lunch money to the NSPCC.”



17th September 2014