Brentford Wheelie Bin Protester Arrested

And subject to banning order after confrontation outside Council leader's home

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Brentford Wheelie Bin Protester Arrested

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One of the protestors involved in a dispute outside the leader of Hounslow Council's home in Brentford last week was arrested over the weekend.

Paul Slattery, aged 65, was present when there was an angry confrontation between protestors and Cllr Steve Curran on 19 November. Wheelie bins had been piled up outside the councillor's house by people who were objecting to their imposition across the borough.

The bins had been delivered as part of the controversial roll-out across Hounslow but furious locals decided to make their protest personal.

About 25 residents wheeled their bins up Braemar Road. Shouting “No wheelie bins in Brentford” they then placed the wheelie bins outside the council leader’s house and took photos.

Cllr Steve Curran arrived at that moment, parking his car at speed and then shouted at the protestors to “p*** off”.

Mr Slattery, who has lived in Brentford for 35 years and known for his community involvement, was arrested on Saturday and questioned under Section 42A(1) of Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, for the "offence of harassment etc. of a person in his home"

He was released on bail without charge and is to return to the police station in January. His bail states as a condition that he is not to enter Braemar Road to prevent further offence - which will mean he cannot access the Ealing Road end of Brentford FC where his season ticket seat is situated.

His comments after the day's events were "It [wheelie bin protest] was a good-natured gathering with a lot of humour and Steve Curran's reaction was quite unprofessional. A politician who is leader of the council should be able to deal with a situation on his doorstep with a little bit of humour, especially as most of the demonstrators were middle aged. I myself have known Steve for over 30 years. One would not believe that a small protest merits being arrested, handcuffed and thrown into a police cell for 5 hours. It's an absolutely outrageous reaction".

After the incident but before Mr Slattery's arrest Cllr Steve Curran said, “I firmly believe in the right to protest and I know people feel very strongly, both for and against the introduction of wheelie bins, but there are appropriate ways to make your feelings known.

"As Leader of Hounslow Council, I take full responsibility for the decisions we take, but it’s simply not appropriate for a crowd of people to heckle and barrack me at night, outside the home which I share with my family. Nor is it right to prevent access in and out of my house with wheelie bins. Protesting outside my house is also not fair to my neighbours.

“I had no option but to call the police as I was being harassed and felt threatened".

Cllr Curran declined to make further comment saying this was now a police matter.

November 23, 2015