Normal Service Resumes Following Tube Strike

But start of night services could be postponed from September 12

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Tube services have returned to normal on Friday morning, following yesterday's strike, which caused disruption and frustration for travellers across London.

London Underground's Managing Director Nick Brown has released a message to customers this morning, saying: " Thank you for your patience during the Tube strike. A normal service has resumed this morning. I am sorry that you had a difficult day yesterday. We are working hard to resolve the dispute."

The strike was over terms and conditions for the introduction of the night tube service, due to start on September 12, which will see 24 hour services on central London lines on weekends.

The RMT union says the introduction has been rushed and could jeopardise maintenance, threatening the quality and safety of the wider tube service.

Following the industrial action, Mayor Boris Johnson has indicated the introduction of the night service may now be delayed to allow time for further negotiations.

Saying he was "not fussed" about the starting date, he added: " I want it starting in the autumn – what I am fussed about is the offer being put to union members.

“I am not going to authorise any more money. Most people would recognise that this is a very generous deal.”

Mick Whelan, general secretary of the drivers' union, Aslef, said: " We are not against the night tube if it’s run in a reasonable and adequate manner.” But he said he did not believe it could be introduced by 12 September."

August 7, 2015