Anger At Tube Bosses' 'Luxury' Shopping List

Managers given green light to spend £12m of savings

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Tube Union RMT slammed underground bosses as it emerged cash that has been saved through £12 million of recent cuts is to be spent on hotels, drinks, flowers, lunches and management consultants.

In a memo Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy gave the green light to tube managers to spend money on a range of items including:

• Lunches or refreshments
• Hotel accommodation
• First class post
• Management Consultancy Contracts
• Personal headed paper, compliment slips and business cards
• Newspapers and periodicals
• Flowers and Greetings Cards

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “Just at the point that London Transport is put on severe terror alert, and while the staff who deal with emergencies are being hacked back leaving stations unstaffed, Boris Johnson’s transport chief has given the green light to a spending spree on luxuries and hospitality that will create a tidal wave of anger.

“While tube fares are being jacked up by nearly 7%, and safety critical staff are being hacked to the bone, the top bosses are being allowed to rack up millions of pounds of spending on hotels, flowers , hospitality and consultants and that is a national scandal.

“This latest news will strengthen the resolve of our members to fight the tube cuts with every tool at our disposal.”

January 10, 2011