Tropical Zoo at Syon House Needs Help

Appeal still "quite a way off" target of £350,000

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The London Tropical Zoo


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A popular West London zoo, visited by 70,000 people each year, has set up a fund-raising appeal to help it find the £350,000 it needs for a deposit on a new home.

The current lease at the Tropical Zoo at Syon House, Brentford, is coming to an end because of the development of a Hilton Hotel within Syon Park.

Hounslow Council has set aside two acres of land, with a 125-year lease, as a replacement. But zoo organisers need to raise a £350,000 deposit in a short timeframe.

All of the zoo's animals are rescued, with many coming from Heathrow Airport and the RSPCA.

Many of the zoo's visitors are schoolchildren from West London, with at least 40,000 pupils coming each year. They estimate that in the last 20 years their conservation message has reached more than 800,000 youngsters. 

Alice Purdy, who runs the zoo, said: "The problem we have is that despite all our hard work and support from many friends, schools and local families we are still quite a way off reaching the £350,000 deposit in the timeframe we have. If you are inspired to make a donation please see our new page on"



August 15, 2010