You're Never Too Old To Surf

says Dame Vera - age 93

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Dame Vera Lynn

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Dame Vera Lynn is encouraging older people to participate in Silver Surfers’ Day on Friday 21 May, when more than 1,500 free events will be held across the UK.

‘My aim is to spread the simplicity and ease of listening to and downloading music on the Internet. It isn't just new music on the Internet, it also contains the entire history of recorded music just waiting to be heard’ said Dame Vera.

In libraries, online centres, community rooms, schools and other accessible venues, older people will have a chance to learn basic computing skills and how to use the Internet.

Phone 0800 100 900 for details of local events, or visit

Tracks from Dame Vera’s latest album ‘Unforgettable’ can be heard, free emails sent, a health and wellbeing quiz game played; there’s even an opportunity to order a home-delivered meal – all online.

Silver Surfers’ Day was created by Digital Unite in 2002 and has grown every year since. This year it is part of Adult Learners’ Week (15-21 May).





May 19, 2010