Improve Your Local Shopping Parade

Get your voice heard before November 12th

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Did you know there is a consultation underway on how to improve the shopping parades in Acton and Ealing?

Ealing Council wants to hear from residents with ideas to make local shopping areas more appealing.

These proposals may include a number of measures so that residents and visitors find the shopping parade easier to access, safe, and clean and attractive.

The council says it is ''actively seeking the views and opinions of local people.

''We want to know what improvements you feel we should consider during the design process. You can help us to make sure that the final design benefits as many people, and businesses, as possible.''

Please complete the survey relevant to your local shopping parade:

Lady Margaret Road shopping parade
Lady Margaret Road on the East side service road between Greenford High School Entrance and Hillside Road.

Greenford Ave/Bordars Road shopping parade
Greenford Avenue on both sides between Bordars Walk and Bordars Road, including Bordars Road on the North side between Greenford Ave and Bordars Walk.

Beaconsfield Road shopping parade
Beaconsfield Road between Grange Road and Lewis Road, including 30m North along Abbotts Road.

Horn Lane shopping parade
Horn Lane on the East side between Shalimar Gardens and Emanuel Avenue.

Oldfields Circus shopping parade
Oldfields Circus on both sides between Carr Rd and Whitton Ave West.

The Vale (East Acton) shopping parade
The Vale on the South side between St Elmo Rd and Elizabeth Gardens.

The Vale (Southfield) shopping parade
The Vale on the South side between Warple Way and Larden Road.

Ruislip Road shopping parade
Ruislip Road on both sides between Verulam Road and Eastmead Avenue

The Avenue shopping parade
The Avenue on both sides between Argyle Road and Gordon Road

Queens Parade shopping parade
Queens Parade on the South side from Hanger Lane to a point 140m East at the rail bridge.

The closing date for these surveys is Friday 12 November 2010.