Rubbish Collections Delayed

Icy conditions causing problems on residential roads

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The Council say they're doing all they can to keep the borough moving but rubbish and recycling lorries have not been able to get down many roads.

In a statement issued yesterday (Monday 20th December) the Council say:

As temperatures remain low and with snow showers predicted today and tomorrow, Ealing Council’s highways team is out, keeping main roads and pavements as clear as possible.

The borough experienced some of the heaviest snowfall in years over the weekend, along with record low temperatures. In the last 48 hours just over 600 tonnes grit has been spread on main routes covering the equivalent of 2550 miles of roads. The council has a good stockpile of grit, to ensure that main roads and pavements are safe during periods of severe weather.

Gritting teams have been out in full force, since Friday afternoon (17 December) spreading grit on primary routes which have been gritted six times and secondary routes five times. Busy footways around stations, hospitals and shopping centres have been gritted twice and staff are currently out gritting them a third time and clearing snow. Primary routes are main roads and major bus routes and secondary routes are commuter routes and roads that link to primary routes.

Refuse and recycling trucks are out and trying to collect waste.  A number of streets may be difficult to access due to the icy conditions, so some collections may not take place. All three Re-use and Recycling Centres are open, as they have been all weekend, and are operating as normal today. All waste, including recyclables, can be disposed of at these sites.

The top floor (roof) of the Springbridge Road multi-story car park is closed due to snow and icy conditions. Permit holders can use all other floors.

The council is asking residents to be good neighbours as the cold weather continues by checking that elderly or vulnerable people in their area are safe, warm and have essential supplies. Read more about  keeping warm in winter.

The website and the council’s  twitter feed will be regularly updated to give residents further information about council services.




21st December 2010