Recycle 'Just One More Thing'

Wandsworth chosen as showcase for launch of major campaign

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Wandsworth Council has welcomed the news that the borough has been chosen as one of three to showcase the launch of a major new recycling campaign.

Recycle for London’s “Just one thing” campaign, launched this week, is calling on Londoners to recycle one extra item a day to help boost recycling rates.

Surveys show two thirds of people living in the capital want to do more to be greener, but don’t know how – among young people this rises to 75 per cent.

But Recycle for London points out that if everyone recycled one more plastic bottle each week for a year the energy saved could power Wembley Stadium for two years, and recycling one glass jar a week would, in a year, save half the amount of glass in the Shard.

Wandsworth, along with the East London Waste Authority and the London Borough of Sutton, has been chosen as a ‘showcase authority’ for the launch. This means local people using orange-lidded recycling banks will get leaflets delivered to their homes and will see advertising publicising the campaign around the borough.

Recycle for London has also relaunched its website to give clearer information to people on what and how to recycle. Click on Help Me Recycle and search by address or borough to discover what can be put in clear recycling bags and orange-lidded recycling bins.

The council’s environment spokesman, Cllr Jonathan Cook, said he hoped the campaign would encourage local people to think twice before putting items in the bin.

“Most plastic bottles, pots and trays can be recycled, along with a wide range of glass and paper. Recycling more doesn’t only help the environment but also save council tax payers’ money in disposal costs. Increasing recycling by just one per cent would save around £117,000 a year, so if every person in Wandsworth recycles one extra thing a day it could result in significant savings.”

To find out how to do ‘Just one more thing’ visit

The council is also working closely with the local Western Riverside Waste Authority to boost recycling rates through its Golden Ticket prize draw. Golden tickets are being delivered to each household, and residents just need to fill one in and pop it in with their recycling to be in with a chance of winning £5,000.

The results of the first prize draw in October will be announced shortly, and the next draw will be in December. Find out more at

November 17, 2015