Boss Goes Back on the Beat

Police chief gets out and about in the borough

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Ealing's top policeman, Borough Commander Andy Rowell, spent most of the afternoon on Sunday (29 July) back on the streets responding to emergency calls.

Accompanied by Sergeant Roy Smith, the events of the day were published via twitter.

It was part of the Assistant Commissioner's drive to increase Senior Leader visibility, and the Borough Commander got involved in a range of policing issues including:

Respondinging to calls in the area car;
Visiting the custody suite at Acton where 13 prisoners were being dealt with;
Dealing with a dispute on a bus - everyone calmed down when police arrived and the people went on their way;
Helping colleagues in Twickenham chasing burglars in a stolen car;
Dealing with a report of males fighting - the group dispersed upon police arrival.

The twitter feed received a number of positive messages including:

'Good work by all and thank you for the time in answering jeep up the good work #MuchRespect #StaySafe #KeepingLondonSafe '

'Thank you for all your work it certainly seems our streets are safer. Proud to represent Ealing! Great job... '

Borough Commander Rowell said:

''This was a great opportunity to ensure our borough senior leadership team recognise some of the day to day challenges faced by front line officers. This enables direct feedback which ultimately improves the service to our local communities. The feedback from people on twitter has been amazing - its great to see how much the community support their local police and also for us to demonstrate our commitment to being there for them when they need us most'.


31st July 2012