Chemical Ban Reminder For London’s Gardeners

A two-year ban on neonicotinoid pesticides comes into effect this coming Sunday

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The RSPB is reminding London’s gardeners to check their sheds to stay legal. The conservation charity campaigned hard for the new European-wide legislation after it was found the chemicals were driving down bee and insect populations, with a knock-on effect on other wildlife.

The ban covers farmers, gardeners and land managers, so includes London’s Parks and private squares. There is an exception made for some professional, licensed users who have received specialist training.

The RSPB’s Tim Webb says: “There’s a simple three-point plan London’s gardeners can follow to ensure they’re not breaking the law. One: Check what’s in your shed against the list of banned pesticides. Two: Dispose of any outlawed pesticides safely via your local council. Three: Opt for natural pest control, but if you must use a legal pesticide, follow the instructions carefully.”

“Bees, butterflies and moths are part of nature’s rich mix of wildlife and without them our crops won’t get pollinated and other wildlife, such as the cockney sparra, will starve. The banned pesticides can’t discriminate against different types of bugs, so the whole natural balance was being thrown-out. This ban will redress that skewed balance.”

There’s an additional warning related to the ban. Cheap but illegal chemicals are available, especially online, so the RSPB’s urging Londoners to only source pesticides where necessary from reputable sources.

Tim added: “If you have any niggles about the legality or long term impact of any chemicals you use in your garden, don’t use them. Dispose of them safely. Enjoy the raw beauty and challenges that nature delivers.”

November 27, 2013