Ealing Parking Fees Increased

but motorists can now pay by phone

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The cost of parking in Ealing has risen steeply. On January 1st the Council introduced a new set of charges which can be viewed in full here.

Residents parking costs have increased from £25 to £40 and visitor vouchers have gone up from 40p to 50p per hour (capped at £3.50).

Pay and display fees (previously was 60p an hour) will now be £1.20 and business/doctors and vets permits have more than doubled - from £250 a year to £600.

The council has introduced a cash free method of payment which they say is aimed at making the parking process more flexible and as 'stress free' as possible.

Motorists need to register their details with PayByPhone online at www.paybyphone.co.uk or by calling 0208 127 0999, and then they can use their mobile phone to pay for parking.

The parking fees will be charged to their registered credit or debit card. With this system, users can also choose to receive reminder texts so they always know when a parking session is about to end.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for Transport and Environment, said:

“We want to make paying for parking as simple as possible and this additional method of payment will do this. It allows motorists more flexibility and is a stress free way of paying for parking. It’s quick and secure – meaning no more hunting for the right change. The text alerts also mean that motorists no longer need to hurry back to their vehicle as they can use their mobile phone to top up from wherever they are.”

Later this month, residents will also be able to use their phones to pay for visitors to park inside their Controlled Parking Zone. The account will be linked to a phone number, whether it be mobile or landline, registered to the resident’s address.



5 January 2011