NHS Set Record Straight On Leaked Document Info

'No firm plans to change hospital services in North West London at present'

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A BBC story about threats to local A&E depeartments "contained numerous inaccuracies and omissions" according to NHS London who state that "there are no firm plans to change hospital services in North West London at present."


In a statement NHS London said, "The leaked document the BBC has represents an early dialogue with NHS London. Any firm proposals are some months away and will be fully consulted upon.


"The claim by the BBC that 11 A&Es could close is completely unfounded and represents a misunderstanding of what an A&E is and does. All London's major acute hospitals – those that provide specialist care – and Local Hospitals – those that provide a wide range of all but the most complex emergency hospital services – will have 24/7 A&E departments.


"At present there are only plans around three A&Es – Chase Farm in Enfield, Queen Mary's Sidcup and King George's in Ilford. Other than those three, any further plans to change A&E in London will be subject to full and formal consultation and we do not expect that to take place before Autumn 2010 at the earliest.


"NHS London has also been at pains to point out that there are no plans to close any hospitals in London as a consequence of the Healthcare for London plans. The services offered may change to become more convenient to patients by providing some hospital care through polyclinics or ‘super-surgeries'.


"London will have more than 100 polyclinics in the next few years and already has ten up and running. Advances in modern medicine also means we can save more lives if we concentrate specialist services, such as stroke and major trauma, in fewer centres with the best technology and highly trained clinicians."

February 16, 2010