It's Official - Ealing Has The Best Man in England!

'Prince Charming' Roland has the wow factor and is a winner

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University of West London student Roland Johnson is Mr England

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A University of West London student has won the Mr England competition after demonstrating his extraordinary musical talent.

Roland Johnson, a second year BA Hons Music Technology student impressed judges at the competition in July, by composing and performing a two minute musical video piece in which he played guitar, bass and piano.

The 19-year-old who studies at the University's Ealing site, entered the competition after his friend Alize Lily Mounter encouraged him to do so.

His friend went on to win the Miss England crown He said:
'A friend of mine had been competing in the Miss England competition and she said that I was an absolute prince charming and that she thought I would do well in the competition.'

After winning his qualifying rounds, Roland had a month to prepare for the grand final, which took place at West London’s Hilton Metropole Hotel. Roland had to raise money for charity Beauty with a Purpose, which was a requirement for all competitors.

Applying his considerable musical abilities, Roland organised a charity show with his band, where he raised more than £300.

Roland wowed the judges at the glitzy final and was surprised when he learnt that he won, he said:

'I felt good about myself and was able to raise awareness for charity and the Mr England competition. My family and my friends have been supportive and they are really pleased for me.'

As the seventh Mr England winner, Roland won a modelling contract and has become the face of Savile Row tailors, Patrick Joseph. He will represent England at the Mr World Manhunt International competition in Korea next month and in 2013 will partake in the Mr World competition where he will have the opportunity to win £500,000 worth of prizes.

26 August 2011