Council Accused of Targeting Missing Pet Fliers

Pet owner threatens national campaign against Ealing's 'policy'

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Ealing Council has been accused of removing fliers posted by anxious owners of missing pets.

A member of the forum spotted 2 men removing the fliers on the Avenue in W4. They were reportedly taking pictures of the fliers before removing them.

Another local resident e-mailed Ealing Council to ask them if they really were targeting missing pet fliers and was told in an e-mail from a member of the Customer Service Team that 'only events other then those organized by the council that have permission to advertise are travelling funfairs and circuses. These flyposters are restricted to park railings and lamp columns.'

A local pet owner Claire Moran said, "We shouldn't accept it. Laws on fly posting should be for those seeking to advertise for gain. If any of my animals goes missing in the future I will put posters up everywhere. If they try to fine me I will let it go to court and will get a country-wide campaign going (being in PR is useful sometimes) to draw attention to this bureaucratic nonsense. If anyone is challenged by the council as a result of putting posters up for missing animals, please let me know, I like a good fight for a good cause."

An Ealing Council spokesperson said:

'' “We do understand how distressing it is when a pet goes missing but we have also promised residents to keep our streets clean and litter free so our contractors will, from time to time, remove any posters illegally displayed on trees, lamp posts or street furniture.

“We recommend owners contact a vet, or organisations such as the RSPCA and Dogs’ Trust about having their pets micro-chipped to make it easier to track them down if they do go missing.

''Owners of missing pets might also consider delivering leaflets to homes in the area, putting posters up at their vets or asking local shops to display posters.” to ask for clarification about their policy on this matter but have not received a reply.



If your pet goes missing contact your local site editor with details and a picture and an item can be placed on the front page and the newsletter.

3rd April 2012