Ealing's in Danger of Turning Out Like Croydon

Say the Lib Dems who want more residents to be involved in the LDF

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Ealing Liberal Democrats have demanded that the Council extend the consultation deadline of all the Local Development Framework (LDF) documents until the end of November so more residents and interested parties can be encouraged to give their views.

When the documents are agreed they will dictate how Ealing might change over the next 16 years.

The Lib Dems say that if people don't get involved ' we might end up with twenty thirty-story skyscrapers or parks built on for housing.'

They say the last similar consultation yielded only about 50 responses and so to be valid the Council needs to be more proactive so that more residents, businesses and residents' associations in Ealing know about the consultation and give their views on matters such as transport, what types of buildings should be built and where.

Councillor Gary Malcolm, Liberal Democrat Leader, said: "Liberal Democrats say that this set of council documents when approved will dictate how Ealing might be until 2026. I want an Ealing that is more like Richmond or Chiswick than Croydon. Places like Pitshanger Lane need to be encouraged. So to do this the Council needs to get more residents to take part."

They plan to raise the matter at the Council meeting on 19th October.



October 12th 2010