Have Your Say on Heathrow Noise

Hounslow Council wants locals to make complaints about airport 'trials'

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As the final days of the first Heathrow ‘Operational Freedoms’ trial approaches, Hounslow Council wants to hear from residents across the borough exactly how they’ve been affected by noise from Heathrow Airport over the last four months.

The trials began in November last year - Heathrow Airport’s operators, BAA, began allowing aircraft arrivals and departures outside of the normal runway alternation rules that give Hounslow residents periods of peace and quiet.

A large number of residents from across the borough have already contacted the council’s dedicated noise line to report increased levels of noise and voice their support for the Say No to Heathrow Expansion campaign.

The council received a large number of calls about residents being woken up in the morning from aircraft landing at Heathrow where they would usually have a quiet period, and many expressed concerns about a general increase in noise.

The Council is lobbying the government as it formulates new legislation on UK aviation and says it wants to ensure all the residents of the borough have a say in the future of Heathrow Airport.

The public can contact the council’s dedicated Heathrow Noise Line on 020 8583 5230 or by emailing heathrowissues@hounslow.gov.uk to report noise disturbances.

Cllr Corinna Smart, cabinet member for environment, said: “Firstly thank you to all the residents who have provided us with feedback so far during the trial period. BAA did not properly consult the council before beginning this trial, which has clearly affected the quality of life and health of residents in our borough.

“It’s clear that the trials have not worked for residents, don't work for the environment and aren't right for Hounslow. We want to see a better not bigger Heathrow, and will continue to fight for the rights of our residents to ensure Heathrow Airport disrupts their lives as little as possible.

“It’s clear that the trials are the thin end of the wedge for mixed-mode operations at Heathrow – it’s imperative that we retain runway alternation to maintain residents’ valuable periods of peace.

“Using the public feedback we’ve got already and will continue to receive, we seek to meet with Heathrow’s operators and the Government to ensure everyone’s views are heard.”

Residents can continue to report noise disturbances from the airport after the trials end at the end of the month. The second phase of BAA’s trial runs from 1 July 2012 to 30 September 2012.


February 22, 2012