Greens Say Thanks

and vow to continue to press for electoral change

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Ealing Green Party would like to thank everyone who voted for Green Party candidates in the local and national elections in Ealing.

Thanks are also due to the staff of Ealing Council, who worked extraordinary hours to complete the process, and to everyone who helped in the Green Party's campaign.

The great news for the Green Party was the breakthrough made in Brighton by Caroline Lucas, Green Party Leader. We are delighted that she has become the first Green Party MP.

With the current first past the post voting system, and the national media focusing more heavily than ever on 3 parties, it is unsurprising that our results were modest in other areas but we will continue to build on our achievements in the future.

We know from our discussions with voters on the doorstep, that many people voted tactically. One of the positive things to come out of this election is the sense of outrage about the electoral system and the calls for change. It is vital that we move to a system that values every vote.

The Green Party wants to move away from the type of situation which occurred in Ealing Central and Acton, for example, where more people voted against the winner than for her.

That is a very unhealthy situation for a democracy and if no agreement is reached to change the system, there will be a growing sense that the government has no mandate to govern.
The Green Party will continue to press for electoral change.

Alex Warleigh-Lack
Chair of Ealing Green Party


May 11, 2010