South Acton Mentioned in Commons Question

Angie Bray cites "Generations Together" Project as example of 'big society'

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In this week’s Spectator, Angie Bray is incorrectly dubbed "the MP for South Acton".

Ms Bray (MP for Ealing Central and Acton), was mentioned in the Spectator as she asked David Cameron a question yesterday
in parliament. She said: “In south Acton, the Acton Community Forum is piloting an extremely good scheme called "Generations Together", which is all about encouraging each generation to pass on its own skill sets to each other; basically, it is about getting the community to help itself.

“Does the Prime Minister agree that this is an excellent example of what the big society is all about?”

David Cameron replied that he agreed:“I have to say to Labour Members, who sort of sigh every time an hon. Member actually mentions a worthwhile charity, voluntary body or project that is doing something in their communities, that we are going to change the way we do politics in this country. Instead of endlessly talking about the money that goes in, let us talk about the outcomes that come out. I think that that is a better way of doing things.”

Perhaps he should have reminded the sighing Labour members that their colleague Dawn Primarolo had visited the project in March before the election when she was Minister for Children after the project received funding from the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

Generations Together programme is one of 12 Intergenerational projects across the UK. The aim of the programme nationally is to bring ‘older’ (over 50) and ‘younger’ people (under 25) together in mutually beneficial activities which promote greater understanding and respect between generations and contribute to building better communities.

Give it a Try  are a series of one off taster sessions for volunteers  taking place between May and August 2010. These events will encourage older and younger people to learn from each other by taking part in a range of creative activities from performance arts, to film making, gardening, and business development.

In South Acton, children from Acton High have visited elderly people in the Michael Flanders/Help the Aged Centre in Church Road to help them learn computer skills, keep fit and dance. In return, the students will learn cookery skills, sewing and how to grow vegetables.



July 15, 2010