Millions Expected to be Saved by Scrapping Bendy Buses

No hiding places for fare dodgers on new vehicles

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Scrapping bendy buses will save more than £7million a year, Transport for London claims.

That's how much they reckon has been being lost in fare dodging on the 12 bus routes which are all due to be converted by the end of this year.

The bendy 207 - serving the Hayes-by-pass through Ealing to Shepherds Bush - is still in use but will change into single deck by the end of this year.

The Mayor, Boris Johnson, said: "More than two thirds of these cumbersome machines have now been banished, with the rest going by the end of the year. They were never suited to London's narrow thoroughfares.

"With their departure, fare dodgers are now left with no place to hide."

He will next year unveil his £7.8million Routemaster bus replacement, which he promised to deliver in his 2008 manifesto.

A prototype is expected to be seen on the streets in December for testing.

The final bendy bus journey will be in December.



11th October 2011