Ealing Votes No to AV

More than fifty per cent against change to electoral system

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UK voters have rejected a change to the voting system and the majority in Ealing said NO too.

David Cameron said it was a "clear and resounding answer" - over two third of the national vote was in favour of maintaining the status quo.

Just over 1 million people in London voted with 60% of them saying no in a turnout of 35% of the electorate.

The voting in the London Borough of Hounslow was in line with London as a whole with 60.8% (32,500) voting no and 39.2% (20,953) voting yes. 53,662 of an electorate of 163,331 voted representing a turnout of 32.8%

Ealing was slightly more favourable to AV with 43% saying yes. The turnout in Ealing was 36.2%

In Hammersmith and Fulham the vote for yes was 40%. Turnout was higher there at 37.9%

Only three London boroughs (Hackney, Haringey and Southwark) voted yes.

Nationally, 13 million people voted no with just over 6 million voting yes representing a majority for the no vote of 67.9/32.1.

In Ealing the turnout for the referendum (percentage of the electorate who voted) was 36.21%.

The results were as follows:

Yes - 32,445 votes, which is 43.25%

No - 42,565 votes, which is 56.75%

Spoilt ballot papers, which had to be rejected - 251

Results for the London region and the rest of the country will be published on the About My Vote website as soon as they have been declared.

Councillor Gary Malcolm, Ealing's Liberal Democrat Leader, said:

“It was sad to see the country rejecting AV in the referendum. Liberal Democrats say it would have had a positive affect for Ealing, Southall, Acton and Chiswick.

''We fought a hard campaign despite the untruths and lies from the NO camp. The result in Ealing was more YES than the country as a whole and I hope the issue will come back again.”


7 May 2011