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"One of the most important issues under consideration in Parliament at the moment is how we make our streets safer and how we should use prison sentencing to take problems off the streets, to deter would-be criminals and to rehabilitate so that fewer go on to re-offend.

Locally, proposals to make some changes to the way Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) across London are organised are under discussion. It is important that the plans are all properly scrutinised and thought through as SNTs have come to play a key role in the life of communities in every ward.

Meanwhile, our Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is continuing to move towards his target of 1,000 more police officers on the streets than when he took over in 2008. Through judicious budgeting, he is able to fund more fully trained police officers, which is exactly what members of the public say they want.

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28 June 2011