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The election results were very encouraging and I am delighted that Ealing voted resoundingly against AV!

But now that the elections are over, we need to focus again on the pressing problems still facing our country. Clearly, one of the biggest challenges for our Coalition Government is how to move forward with the proposals to reform the National Health Service. I am pleased that the Government has decided to pause while taking stock and conducting a further consultation with health experts and medical staff, to ensure that we get this absolutely right. Most people agree that the NHS needs updating, upgrading and improving, but the key is how to do this without any collateral damage to its core functions and principles.

Locally, I am working on a number of important issues, including the proposed route of the High Speed 2 Train from Old Oak Common to Birmingham and beyond, development issues in North Acton, and the continuing debate around the regeneration of Ealing and Acton Town Centres - not least the return of the Ealing Cinema!

I shall continue to work with the Local Council on all these matters and more, and look forward to working with the new leader of the Conservative Group on the Council, Cllr. David Millican and his new team.






Angie Bray MP


18 May 2011