Boston Manor Car Parking Charges

New fees apply during office hours

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Commuters are going to be in for a shock Thursday (7th) July when they park in Boston Manor Park. At long last the refurbishment work is finished and the meter cranked up and ready for use. The parking fees start at 50p an hour for the first two hours, then £1 per hour for the next two hours.

The scheme is designed to discourage commuters to allow genuine park users to be able to use the facilities.

The starting time is 8 a.m. through to 4 p.m. which means that it finishes just in time for children with their parents to come after school. It also means that there will be no charge for weekends.

The Friends of Boston Manor would like to thank the very many people (Councillors and officers) who have made this happen and also to the park users who have suffered (not always in silence) for so many years.

Linda Massey Friends of Boston Manor


7th July 2011