Spanish Classes For Children

Fun learning for children ages 3-11

Local resident Mercedes Mena is introducing some very special Spanish classes for children aged 3-11.

Bringing her very own Jolie Ronde Spanish lessons to W3/W4 and W5 from April 2013, Mercedes commented:
"I recently started Spanish conversational classes at various local schools to help children prepare for GCSEs and realised how easily children can learn another language, whatever age they begin to learn. Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin and English) and comes very naturally to those with English as a first language."

With three children aged 13, 10 and 9, Mercedes understands how to motivate and inspire children of all ages and is passionate about her quest to teach others.
For more information, please contact her directly on or via her website

Founded in 1983, La Jolie Ronde has for many years been a unique centre for learning not just a second language but a platform for introducing children to the everyday realities of the country and its culture. Each weekly lesson combines fun with exciting games, songs and activities.

New Classes


Open centre already up and running on Friday afternoons
Acton Hill Church
Woodlands Avenue W3 9BU

Weekly classes start Wednesday 15/5/13
Chiswick Theatre Arts
2 Belmonte Road
W4 5UH

Weekly classes start Monday 13/5/13
Ealing Green Church
The Green
W5 5QT

Small classes within own age group
Having FUN whilst learning!
£6.50 per child for a 30 minute session, payable termly.
Please contact Mercedes for class times or call on 07970100810 for any information you may need.


May 9, 2013