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Jessica's Recipe Bag
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Launched last year in London, Jessica’s Recipe Bag is a new venture that is set to find its perfect niche among the city’s stressed and time-pressed families.

Filled with tasty recipes alongside all the fresh ingredients needed to cook your weekday meals and delivered to your door at the click of a mouse, the recipe bags will restore the pleasures of cooking in kitchens across the capital.

On those busy, stressful days when time just seems to vanish, Jessica’s Recipe Bag is the helping hand you’ve always wished for, stepping in to manage the meal planning and food shopping for you, leaving you to reclaim precious time and just enjoy the cooking and a more leisurely family meal.

The recipes are simple and easy to follow, the ingredients fresh and locally sourced. Designed by nutritional therapist and cook Jessica Andersson, the meals are mouthwatering and varied (new recipes are delivered every week) as well as healthy and nutritionally balanced. For example:

  • Mustard & Breadcrumbed Cod,
  • Racks of Lamb with Flageolet Beans, or
  • Sesame Salmon on Wholemeal Noodles,

all need no more than 45 minutes to prepare and cook. The quality of the ingredients is paramount: all meat is sourced from Devon Rose, the traditional family-run British butchers, with fresh fish supplied by Simsons fishmongers, and seasonal and mostly organic vegetables selected from the fine quality available from New Covent Garden Market.

Jessica’s Recipe Bag has been established by Jessica Andersson in partnership with Swedish company Linas Matkasse. Siblings Lina Gebäck and Niklas Aronsson pioneered their idea in Sweden with enormous success, seeing 2.5 million bags delivered in the four years since the company was launched. Jessica brings to the UK enterprise a wealth of experience and a broad knowledge of food as a nutrition expert, as well as an understanding of the financial and time pressures on families, as a working mother of three herself.

Having learned to cook at the apron strings of her Swedish mother and grandmother, British-born Jessica developed an early passion for food, her tastes further cultivated as she travelled and lived across the globe. An ardent advocate of the importance of family meals and of teaching children to cook and appreciate good, healthy food, Jessica is keen to promote these values through her Recipe Bags. Creating and testing the recipes herself, Jessica also plans the meals and quantities for every bag so as to avoid any food waste as far as possible.

Each recipe bag contains the recipes and ingredients for a number of weekday meals, choose between:

  • Four meals for four, the “Family bag”, or
  • Three meals for two, the “Couples bag”.

Ingredients delivered exclude cupboard staples such as seasonings and basic condiments, and is priced at £69 and £42 respectively, offering excellent value for money.

First bag buyers are offered a great discount, taking the first bag price for the Family bag to £45 and for the Couples bag to £29.

Jessica’s recipe bags are available to order online at, with Monday evening delivery across London, later to extend across the UK.


January 23, 2013