Ealing Property Prices - June 2007

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During the second quarter of the year there was a sharp increase in the average transaction price in West Ealing whereas in the W5 post code area the average price actually fell. The average home in West Ealing changed hands for £422,826. This includes six houses which sold for over one million pounds. A home on Culmington Road was the top priced sale going for £1,800,000.

The average price in W13 rose an astounding 20.8% in the second quarter compared with the previous quarter however it should be pointed out that much of the rise is due to an increased turnover in large family homes at the top end of the market. In the first quarter there were no sales over £1,000,000 in West Ealing. Details of individual transactions appear in the tables below.

The W5 area saw an average price of £415,742 with only three homes going for over a million. The top priced property was on Hillcroft Crescent going for £1,422,000. The average was down 2.4% on the previous quarter but if the sale of the Kenton House Hotel is ignored then overall there has been a slight rise over the quarter and year to date.

The statistics related to sales that would have taken place before the impact of some of the interest rate rises and the recent sharp downturn in stock markets. Estate agents are hoping that the limited supply of properties coming to the market will provide support to sales prices in the future.

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The data is derived from Land Registry figures and supplied to use by www.mouseprice.com.

Properties Sold in the W5 Area

Date  Address
29-Jun-07 5, Moorfield Avenue W5 1LG £547,500
29-Jun-07 182, Meadvale Road W5 1LT £486,000
29-Jun-07 24, Flat 1, Eaton Rise W5 2ER £300,000
29-Jun-07 12, Fir Tree Close W5 2JY £287,500
29-Jun-07 18 20 Longfield House, Flat 33, Uxbridge Road W5 2SR £260,000
29-Jun-07 18 20 Longfield House, Flat 49, Uxbridge Road W5 2SR £293,000
29-Jun-07 35, Chandos Avenue W5 4EP £540,000
29-Jun-07 58, Flat 4, South Ealing Road W5 4QA £220,000
29-Jun-07 133, First Floor Flat, South Ealing Road W5 4QS £360,000
29-Jun-07 6, Creighton Road W5 4SJ £620,000
29-Jun-07 1a, Lothair Road W5 4TA £249,999
29-Jun-07 33, Junction Road W5 4XP £265,000
29-Jun-07 61, Flat 2, Grange Road W5 5BU £380,000
29-Jun-07 60, St Marys Road W5 5EX £410,500
28-Jun-07 17, Woodfield Avenue W5 1PA £610,000
28-Jun-07 Sandgate House, Flat 3, Queens Walk W5 1TN £295,000
28-Jun-07 Welsby Court, Flat 17, Eaton Rise W5 2EX £425,000
28-Jun-07 19c Old Court, Flat 5, Montpelier Road W5 2QT £550,000
28-Jun-07 46 50 Cavalier House, Flat 211, Uxbridge Road W5 2SS £340,000
28-Jun-07 45, Overdale Road W5 4TU £445,000
28-Jun-07 Niagara House, Flat 7, Northfield Avenue W5 4UG £264,950
28-Jun-07 90, Webster Gardens W5 5NH £280,000
26-Jun-07 83, Cleveley Crescent W5 1DZ £280,000
26-Jun-07 18, Trent Avenue W5 4TL £460,000
26-Jun-07 21, Blondin Avenue W5 4UL £570,000
25-Jun-07 Mount View, 32, Mount Avenue W5 1PR £275,000
25-Jun-07 50a, Little Ealing Lane W5 4EA £242,000
25-Jun-07 57, Ealing Park Gardens W5 4EX £440,000
25-Jun-07 20, Popes Lane W5 4NA £380,000
25-Jun-07 10, Blossom Close W5 4YE £377,500
25-Jun-07 16, Grove Road W5 5DS £480,000
22-Jun-07 Wellington House, Flat 26, Western Avenue W5 1EX £156,000
22-Jun-07 34, Flat 1, Greystoke Park Terrace W5 1JL £113,000
22-Jun-07 34, Flat 2, Greystoke Park Terrace W5 1JL £113,000
22-Jun-07 2, Victoria Road W5 1TB £1,000,000
22-Jun-07 5, Western Gardens W5 3RS £907,000
22-Jun-07 78, Cedar Grove W5 4AR £327,000
22-Jun-07 40, Lawrence Road W5 4XH £250,000
22-Jun-07 55, Lawrence Road W5 4XJ £350,000
22-Jun-07 32, Flat 2, Mattock Lane W5 5BH £345,000
22-Jun-07 55, Flat 3, Disraeli Road W5 5HS £280,000
22-Jun-07 60, Webster Gardens W5 5NH £950,000
22-Jun-07 5, St Marys Road W5 5RA £412,000
21-Jun-07 49, Craven Avenue W5 2SY £520,000
21-Jun-07 124, Darwin Road W5 4BH £450,000
21-Jun-07 128, Darwin Road W5 4BH £460,000
21-Jun-07 61, Devonshire Road W5 4TS £500,000
21-Jun-07 29, Beaconsfield Road W5 5JE £610,000
20-Jun-07 7, Sovereign Close W5 1DE £570,000
20-Jun-07 33 35 Bampton Court, Flat 12, Blakesley Avenue W5 2DQ £173,500
20-Jun-07 82, Cedar Grove W5 4AR £332,000
19-Jun-07 3, Lammas Park Gardens W5 5HZ £950,000
18-Jun-07 22, Flat 1, Eaton Rise W5 2ER £355,000
18-Jun-07 96, St Pauls Close W5 3JY £245,000
18-Jun-07 5, Blossom Close W5 4YE £380,000
17-Jun-07 9, Beech Gardens W5 4AJ £332,000
15-Jun-07 Holyoake House, Flat 2, Holyoake Walk W5 1QW £229,000
15-Jun-07 17, Buckingham Close W5 1TS £215,000
15-Jun-07 2e, Hamilton Road W5 2EQ £535,000
15-Jun-07 67, Flat 1, Madeley Road W5 2LT £525,000
15-Jun-07 18 20 Longfield House, Flat 36, Uxbridge Road W5 2SR £249,995
15-Jun-07 Queens Parade, 22a, Hanger Lane W5 3HU £245,000
15-Jun-07 429 Woodgrange House, Flat 7, Uxbridge Road W5 3NW £368,000
15-Jun-07 19a, Junction Road W5 4XP £250,000
14-Jun-07 63, Brunswick Road W5 1AQ £460,000
14-Jun-07 95a, Grange Road W5 3PH £540,000
14-Jun-07 Pimento Court, Flat 12, Olive Road W5 4JQ £268,000
14-Jun-07 9, Flat 4, Mattock Lane W5 5BG £360,000
13-Jun-07 17, Priory Gardens W5 1DX £250,000
13-Jun-07 Balcon Court, Flat 2, Boileau Road W5 3AZ £300,000
13-Jun-07 31, Windermere Road W5 4TJ £580,000
11-Jun-07 Queens Walk House, Flat 1, Queens Walk W5 1TG £249,950
11-Jun-07 1, St Pauls Close W5 3JQ £384,950
11-Jun-07 22, Delamere Road W5 3JR £900,000
08-Jun-07 10, Brunner Road W5 1BA £495,000
08-Jun-07 66, Ealing Village W5 2NB £320,000
08-Jun-07 7, Waldegrave Road W5 3HT £435,000
08-Jun-07 30, Dorset Road W5 4HU £660,000
08-Jun-07 33a, Temple Road W5 4SL £335,000
08-Jun-07 3, Derwent Road W5 4TN £396,000
07-Jun-07 24, Kings Avenue W5 2SH £1,525,000
07-Jun-07 26, Chatsworth Road W5 3DB £1,700,000
06-Jun-07 7, Meadvale Road W5 1NS £410,000
06-Jun-07 54, Almond Avenue W5 4AB £292,500
04-Jun-07 22, Selby Road W5 1LX £565,000
04-Jun-07 57, Woodfield Road W5 1SR £660,000
04-Jun-07 16, Venetia Road W5 4JD £282,000
04-Jun-07 26, Popes Lane W5 4NU £320,000
01-Jun-07 10, Selby Road W5 1LX £560,000
01-Jun-07 51, Flat 5, Hamilton Road W5 2EE £285,000
01-Jun-07 1, Watermans Mews W5 3TD £589,950
01-Jun-07 21, Ealing Park Gardens W5 4EX £580,000
01-Jun-07 3, Lawrence Road W5 4XJ £290,000
01-Jun-07 2a, Disraeli Road W5 5HP £575,000


Properties Sold in the W13 Area

Date  Address Price 
29-Jun-07 91, Felix Road W13 0NZ £215,000
29-Jun-07 Pershore House, Flat 11, Singapore Road W13 0UL £229,950
29-Jun-07 St Stephens Court, Flat 15, The Avenue W13 8HX £289,500
28-Jun-07 8, Sherborne Gardens W13 8AS £885,000
28-Jun-07 4, Templewood W13 8DQ £500,000
28-Jun-07 20, Glenfield Terrace W13 9JF £405,000
25-Jun-07 12, Highview Road W13 0HB £499,950
25-Jun-07 51, Bellevue Road W13 8DF £465,000
22-Jun-07 107, Kingsley Avenue W13 0EH £339,950
22-Jun-07 Pershore House, Flat 16, Singapore Road W13 0UL £220,000
22-Jun-07 10a, Sutherland Avenue W13 8LE £275,000
22-Jun-07 16, Flat 2, Hastings Road W13 8QY £273,000
20-Jun-07 70, Seaford Road W13 9HU £380,000
18-Jun-07 9 Wye Court, Flat 21, Malvern Way W13 8EA £249,950
18-Jun-07 27, Sydney Road W13 9EZ £320,000
15-Jun-07 111, Cleveland Road W13 0EN £495,000
15-Jun-07 14, Pelham Place W13 0HT £223,500
15-Jun-07 161, Cavendish Avenue W13 0JZ £245,000
15-Jun-07 155, Cavendish Avenue W13 0JZ £250,000
15-Jun-07 31, Bedford Road W13 0SP £317,000
15-Jun-07 Walpole Lodge, 11, Culmington Road W13 9NP £245,000
14-Jun-07 10, Drayton Green W13 0JF £575,000
14-Jun-07 62, Ridley Avenue W13 9XW £365,000
13-Jun-07 Moorside Court, Flat 3, Somerset Road W13 9PJ £415,000
13-Jun-07 44, Altenburg Avenue W13 9RN £480,000
13-Jun-07 26, Mayfield Avenue W13 9UR £495,000
12-Jun-07 40, Bedford Road W13 0SP £300,000
12-Jun-07 35, Egerton Gardens W13 8HG £610,000
11-Jun-07 47, The Avenue W13 8JR £299,950
08-Jun-07 33, Denmark Road W13 8RQ £599,950
08-Jun-07 117, Balfour Road W13 9TW £440,000
07-Jun-07 St Stephens Court, Flat 4, The Avenue W13 8HX £285,000
07-Jun-07 32, Langham Gardens W13 8PY £299,950
07-Jun-07 133 Mayo Court, Flat 17, Northcroft Road W13 9TA £139,000
06-Jun-07 Crane Court, Flat 102, Gurnell Grove W13 0AQ £220,000
01-Jun-07 2a, Bradley Gardens W13 8HF £182,500
01-Jun-07 33, Claygate Road W13 9XG £486,000
01-Jun-07 10, Ridley Avenue W13 9XW £350,000


Source: Land Registry/Mouseprice

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