More Laughs at The Viaduct

Viv Ellis has fun at Bearcat Comedy

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Second time at Viaduct for the very likeable Gabriel who started with some gags about people thinking he looks like Mr. T (well, he does a bit) but how he’s not your stereotypical black guy – heck he doesn't smoke dope any more and likes heavy metal! He mused about how WW2 would have been different if Hitler had a cat and not a dog…. and a bizarre and very funny fantasy about being married to Scarlett Johansson and, for reasons I cant remember, Morrissey being in the room with them too.

Keith Farnan brought some surreal Irish charm to the proceedings – all the girls in Cork were called Mary “Mary means no in Irish” and how he spent one evening walking round the house naked – but then thought he’d better go back inside in case someone saw him. He did some really funny routines with accents including a white kid doing a “Jamaican” street –smart accent “You know what I mean?” – but in a northern accent – hilarious.

Headline act was the very funny Jo Jo Smith, whose previous jobs span everything from music reviewer to a bingo caller. She bantered with several people in the front row – explaining how she can tell the couples who’ve been in a relationship for a while, as they ignore each other and don’t speak, before launching into her trademark ‘isn’t the menopause terrible’ routine.

She said she's now attracted to men with broad, strong shoulders so they can lift her out of the bath, all she has to look forward to is dying alone and being eventually found half eaten by her cats.

Another very funny evening presided over majestically by James Punnet.


Viv Ellis



3rd November 2015