Do You Know Your Ealing?

Did you guess correctly?

It is of course St Mary's Church

St Mary's Road



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There has been a church building on this site for nearly a thousand years.

During the Civil War of 1642, it suffered badly at the hands of Cromwell's troops and in 1650 a parliamentary survey described St. Mary's as 'ruinated and lying open since the plundering'.

In the late 1720s,after years of neglect and deterioration, the medieval church was pulled down and a plain and simple Georgian building built, complete with a new peal of bells.

It is that new building, opened on Trinity Sunday 1740, which forms the core of what still stands here today.


Forthcoming event
Saturday 27th June 3-5pm
St Mary’s Churchyard Open Afternoon;
Give you ideas on how to improve the Churchyard at the back of St Mary’s by Baillies Walk



June 21, 2009